Welcome to the Adult Instruction Class page on our website!! This is intended to serve as the starting point for those who desire to join us for Adult Instruction on Sunday morning during Bible Class. Here, you will find the necessary readings for the coming week so that you can be prepared to discuss and ask questions on the material to be covered.

We will be using the Bible and Luther’s Large and Small Catechisms (2010 & 2017 editions, respectively) as our primary texts. With supplemental readings from the book, Why am I Joyfully Lutheran? Instruction, Meditation, and Prayers on Luther’s Small Catechism (By: Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison).

We will be covering the Six Chief Parts of Christian Doctrine (Teaching) as drawn from the Holy Scriptures and the catechisms.

May God richly bless our study and grant us an increase in our faith as we take up in our hands what has been taught for centuries in the Lutheran Church.

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