Pastor Dickmander
Sole Pastor
Rev. Dickmander has been serving the congregation of St. John's since July 2008. Prior to accepting the call into the parish ministry, he attended and received his seminary education at Concordia Theological Seminary - Fort Wayne, IN (CTS). While attending CTS he completed his fieldwork at St. James Lutheran Church (Logansport, IN) and then went on to fulfill his vicarage requirements at Peace with Christ Lutheran Church (Fort Collins, CO). Rev. Dickmander has been blessed with a very loving and supportive wife (Amy) and four beautiful children. You are invited to call and/or schedule a visit with Pastor Dickmander to discuss any questions you may have about becoming an active member of St. John's or learning more about the Lutheran faith.
Phone: Church Office (308) 287-2394
Office Hours:
By appointment. Please call to schedule.